SAP Sybase ASE – Keeping Private Data Private With Data Encryption

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Data security is one of the hot topics when you ask top executives about what keeps them up at night. Keeping private data private is a never-ending challenge that needs constant attention and dedication. Data encryption is your best defense for protecting sensitive data. Common access control mechanisms and limiting the power of database administrators will make it harder to access the sensitive data, but once this hurdle is overcome the data is freely accessible. Data encryption will supplement and enhance these security measures by protecting sensitive data at rest in backup files and database files that could be exploited by powerful OS users. Read More

SAP Sybase ASE 15.7 ESD#2 – Separation of Duties

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Protecting sensitive data from prying eyes is a hot topic these days. According to Gartner research results, 70% of high-cost security incidents occur when data from inside the organization gets out. Most data leakage occurs either by accident, or because of poor business processes. Read More

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