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Improving your Database Security with Microsoft Azure

By | Azure
If you are interested in migrating to a cloud database but concerned about security issues, look no further. Hybrid and cloud native databases do have their own set of security concerns, but if you go with a trusted company and maintain it appropriately, you have nothing to fear. In fact, cloud databases can be more secure since they have access to the most advanced security protocols and automatic updates. Cloud native databases, or DBaaS (Database as a Service) platforms are databases hosted and maintained by third party providers. Operating a DBaaS means that your company will access data through the internet instead of through your internal network. DBaaS solutions offer great benefits for organizations in today’s “Big Data” arena. DBaaS is more scalable and flexible than traditional VM databases. It also eliminates the hardware requirements of maintain a database system. It is crucial to understand and trust the security protocols of your cloud provider before making the switch. Microsoft Azure is at the top of the list when it comes to cloud database offerings. It is a particularly good choice for the security conscious client. Microsoft in general, and particularly Azure, have a long history of prioritizing security for its (more…)

5 Ways MS SQL Server Enhances Data Integrity

By | SQL Server
We’ve entered a time in which high quality data is at the heart of operating a successful organization. For many companies these days data IS the business. For others, data is a driver. In both scenarios its critical to maximize your data’s efficacy, and this means being sure you can trust that data. I’m talking about data integrity. It’s essential to be able to trust your data, and that means using a database you can trust that is actively working toward ensuring your data.  Microsoft SQL is a longstanding leader in the game. Their database offers top of the line stability and data integrity. If you are concerned about ensuring your data integrity this database might just be right for you. Why Microsoft SQL Server? – Microsoft SQL Server 2019 features upgrades that will give your organization greater access to large amounts of valuable data quickly. Once it’s released, querying multiple sources of data, both structured and unstructured, will be simpler and more secure than ever. MS SQL preview CTP 2.0 is now available in preparation for the upcoming official release. If you’re interested in experiencing some of the new features beforehand, consider downloading it soon. In the meantime, here (more…)

5 Tips for Managing Multiple Cloud Providers

By | Azure, Database Technology Trends, Oracle, SAP HANA, SQL Server, Sybase
Cloud adoption continues to rise and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. As companies become more comfortable with the cloud platform as a tool, they are moving farther from on-prem setups. The newest trend shows many groups now using multi-cloud solutions. RightScale 201 State of the Cloud Report found that 81% of respondents have a multi-cloud environment. The organizational average was just under 5 clouds, including production and test environments. Why Multi-Cloud? – Each cloud provider has different strengths and weaknesses to offer. Using multiple clouds lets you take advantage of the best tools and applications for your workloads without limiting your resources. It can also be strategic as companies can shift workloads to their various platforms depending on current prices and availability parameters. Adopting a multi-cloud environment can help take your workload management to the next level, but it can also come with some challenges to prepare for. Here are 5 tips to help you manage multiple cloud providers. Choose Wisely – Don’t be suckered in by low rates and storage fees. Those numbers can (and will) change. The more important factor is to select the clouds that have key features you need. Look at the applications and (more…)
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Customer Case Study: Administrative Services Company Uses Managed Services to Replace IT Dept

By | Case Studies
Overview Business Situation: Client needed dedicated IT team to manage Microsoft SQL Server database and backups. Solution: Dobler Consulting’s Managed Services contract for ongoing support and consultation. Benefits: Low/No Maintenance, Ongoing Support, Maximize Efficiency, Lower Cost Option. Business Challenge Insurance Administrative Services (IAS) is a local company based out of Clearwater, FL. They provide innovative business solutions for insurance agencies and facilitate business processes for some of the country’s leading agencies. In 2010, the company recognized the daily management of the database and backups was impacting the productivity of their team. The company’s Microsoft SQL Server required management for upgrading, tuning, and scaling that took valuable time away from their core team. They decided that in order to optimize their potential they needed a dedicated IT team. However, to hire an in-house team would have been costly and time consuming. The required staffing, personnel, and HR resources that would be needed encouraged them to seek a different solution. Solution The solution for IAS was a contracted database administrator. This would give them the benefit of expert knowledge and increased resources, without the prohibitive staffing challenges. IAS selected Dobler Consulting to fill this role. Dobler’s managed services product provided ongoing database (more…)
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Customer Case Study: Leading Healthcare Provider Uses Managed Services to Support Sybase ERM

By | Case Studies
Overview Business Situation: ERM on Sybase needed level 1 support. Client’s current database administrators (DBAs) were taxed and losing productivity. Needed more Sybase experts. Solution: Dobler Consulting’s Managed Services contract for ongoing support and consultation. Benefits: Gained Sybase Expertise, Increased Productivity, Cost Effective. Business Challenge Healthcare is challenging enough without the added pressure of large scale database maintenance. One of the leading healthcare organizations recently learned this lesson. Their business processes are on an EMR application running on Sybase AIX. They realized their DBAs were bogged down with mundane on-call tech support. They were having trouble maintaining knowledgeable staff for these issues. Fewer people these days can claim expertise in Sybase, and the lack of available resources meant that this company needed help. They reached out to SAP and were referred to one of the top Sybase experts, Dobler Consulting. Solution The solution for this company is a Managed Services contract with Dobler Consulting. They are able to utilize Dobler’s team and expert Sybase knowledge to maintain the database on the back end. As a healthcare provider, it is vital that records be accessible at a moment’s notice. That is why it is so crucial to have support that is (more…)
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Customer Case Study: Custom Software Provider Increases Productivity Through Managed Services Support

By | Case Studies
Overview Business Situation: Routine Maintenance requiring too much time. Pulled focus from client project tasks. Needed less hands-on maintenance. Solution: Migrate from Azure to AWS and use Dobler Consulting for ongoing managed services. Benefits: Improvement, Increased Stability, Lower Maintenance. Business Challenge This client is a premier supplier of premium customer loyalty software. The team spends their time designing and implementing custom software solutions for their clients, but they recently found themselves devoting more and more time to their internal solutions. Their IT infrastructure required frequent attention for routine maintenance and support. This attention took time and focus away from client facing activities and decreased productivity. The team needed a solution to handle the day-to-day maintenance that would free them up for more strategic work. The client had devised a corporate strategy to migrate from Azure to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to minimize maintenance needs. They used this opportunity to add Dobler Consulting for their ongoing support. Solution Dobler began their relationship with the company to support their database migration from Azure to AWS. Dobler’s team managed a successful migration and proved to be a valuable partner throughout the process. During the migration, Dobler managed the company’s IT requirements and (more…)
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Customer Case Study: Financial Technology Powerhouse Upgrades and Migrates Sybase Database in Record Time

By | Case Studies
Overview Business Situation: Older hardware and software were taxing resources with poor performance and stability. Solution: Migrate from AIX to Linux and upgrade to latest Sybase version (ASE 16). Benefits: Performance Improvement, Increased Stability, Lower Maintenance. Business Challenge The financial services firm was using Sybase on AIX to run mission-critical processes, but performance and stability issues were becoming increasingly problematic. This system took a lot of manpower to maintain. It also lacked the necessary scaling and performance to improve their processing. They decided to upgrade to the newest version, ASE 16 and to migrate to Linux OS. This decision was just the first step. Now they were faced with the issue of time. The client needed to complete the project within just a few months so they could have the system back up and running for year end processing. With a short window in which to complete the project, they needed a partner who could act fast. Dobler Consulting stood out as a Sybase expert who could help steer them toward the smoothest and quickest implementation. Solution Dobler Consulting worked together with the company to plan and implement the IT project in an unprecedented amount of time. Using templates planned from (more…)
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Customer Case Study: Leading US Bank Company Moves SAP ASE to AWS for High Availability, Scalability and Cost Savings

By | Case Studies
Overview Business Situation: Outdated platform lacked high availability and scalability needed. Required frequent oversight and dedicated team to manage. Solution: Migrate from AIX to AWS and upgrade to latest Sybase version (ASE 16). Benefits: Cost Savings, Increased Availability, Performance Improvement. Business Challenge This company is one of the largest US banks with 755 branches and multiple financial products. Such a large organization needs an efficient, scalable computing platform. At the time, they were managing their workload with an older version of Sybase on AIX. This required constant management with a dedicated in house data center, and infrastructure team. Updates, patches, and hardware overhauls were becoming costly and time consuming. The company recognized that a cloud platform could increase their team’s productivity and better support the high demands of the financial services business. After careful consideration, they decided to upgrade to the latest version of Sybase (ASE 16) and migrate from AIX to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Solution With such a large-scale critical workload to migrate, fidelity and security were key considerations. The company’s team knew a Sybase expert would help ensure a smooth transition. They selected Dobler Consulting for this role. Dobler’s team devised an IT strategy that increased high (more…)
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Customer Case Study: Major US Airline Migrates Mission-Critical Systems to Increase Stability and Performance

By | Case Studies
Overview Business Situation: Old Sybase version needed upgrades but potential downtime was a big problem. Needed strategy to upgrade without downtime. Solution: Upgrade Sybase to latest version (ASE 16) and migrate to newest Linux platform. Benefits: Cost Savings, Increased Availability, Increased Stability, More Scalabillity. Business Challenge The airline industry is fast paced and relies on incredible computing power to maintain performance. This major US airline manages massive workloads on a 24/7 basis. The company had been operating Sybase ASE on Linux for years, but was in need of a system upgrade. In 2016, performance challenges and high overhead reinforced this need. The decision was made to upgrade to ASE 16 to improve high availability rates and system stability. In order to maintain services throughout the process, downtime needed to be minimized, so they needed help to devise a specialized upgrade strategy and implementation plan. Solution Their Director of IT knew the major challenge would be avoiding downtime throughout the process. They needed a Sybase expert to help plan and manage the project. The company’s team reached out to SAP so that they could identify the best person for this critical job. They were referred to Peter Dobler and his company, (more…)

Dobler Consulting Achieves Prestigious SAP Gold Partner Certification Status

By | Press Releases
Gold Certification Status Enables More Robust Value Creation For Client Needs   Tampa Bay, August 8th, 2018 – Dobler Consulting is pleased to announce it has achieved Gold Partner certification status with global technology giant SAP. SAP is the world’s leader in data-driven business transformation software, supplying over 90% of Fortune 2000 companies with data, cloud and enterprise software solutions. Dobler Consulting celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, as a nationally recognized database and information technology managed services supplier, and an INC. 5000 Fastest Growing Company. The trend is clear; exponential data growth and the talent and tools to leverage value from those data assets, is driving business transformation. Leveraging this trend, in order to make customers successful, is the foundation of the SAP Business Partner relationship. “The goals of Dobler Consulting and SAP have always been in sync,” said Peter Dobler, CEO of Dobler Consulting. “Make our clients successful by creatively linking customer demand-chain data to global supply-chain data in real-time, from any device, anywhere in the world. Gold Partner Certification is both an affirmation and commitment to that goal.” Gold Partner Certification is especially critical now as most businesses, both and enterprise level are in or are (more…)

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