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Introducing: SAP ASE Edge Edition (8 Core) – Retiring Sybase ASE SBE

By February 16, 2015 4 Comments

This might be the biggest announcement from you never heard of. After dropping the name from its product names last year, is quietly reshaping its platform offerings. And I mean this in a good way.

Under the Sybase name there were 2 ASE products; Sybase ASE Enterprise Edition (EE) and Small (SBE). The EE product was and still is the flagship and the most commonly known edition of Sybase. But it came with a hefty price ticket. To offer a to the , Sybase created ASE SBE, limited to 2 CPU sockets and 8 engines on a physical server, at a very low price.

Update 2017: SAP increased the CPU limit from 4 to 8 core.

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  • Peter Dobler says:

    Correction: There are actually 3 ASE products. SAP ASE Enterprise Edition, SAP ASE Edge Edition and SAP ASE Cluster Edition, which has seen a lot of new development and announcements.

  • Peter Dobler says:

    Please call us if you need additional licenses for Sybase ASE SBE. It is not EOL yet. But new installations will be on SAP ASE Edge Edition.

  • Bee Chan says:

    Is there a migration path from edge to enterprise?

  • Peter Dobler says:

    Yes, it is simply a license upgrade. The Edge limitations are enforced through the license key. The software itself is full Enterprise ASE. You notice a difference in functionality when you apply the license key after you we running within the 30 day grace period.

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