A Faster, Lower Cost Approach To A New Data Warehouse

XpressInsight’s Framework as a Service (FaaS) provides the modules and tools to rapidly implement an enterprise data warehouse and business intelligence (BI) solution.

Dobler-XpressInsight-Logo-WebCreate A Customized Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Solution to Solve Your Business Needs.

While recognizing there is no such thing as a one size fits all data warehouse solution, there is a middle ground to be reached between building a new data warehouse from scratch, and purchasing something out of a box that only gets you 70% of the way there.

XpressInsightTM is that middle ground.

XpressInsightTM for Healthcare

Build additional value from your Electronic Medical Records investment.

Over the past several years, healthcare providers have invested heavily in EMR systems to meet the requirements of the ACA. Providers can now recoup more from their investment with Dobler Consulting’s XpressInsight including, but not limited to, more timely Quality Reporting to CMS.

We have built a set of software tools and modules specifically for implementing healthcare using our rapid deployment FaaS. With XpressInsight, Dobler Consulting can build your data warehouse and business intelligence solution quickly and for a lower cost than traditional custom and out of the box solutions.

  • Meeting ACA Reporting Mandates
  • Timely CMS Quality Reports
  • Population Health Metrics
  • Efficient Business Management


From a Technical Perspective


Secure, HIPAA,  PCI, SOC 1 & SOC 2 Compliant Cloud Hosted Solution with On-Premise Installations Available


Retrieve Data from Multiple Data Sources into a Single Compliant Data Warehouse


Standardized Auditing and Data Encryption Ensure Security and Compliance


High Speed Change Data Capture Loads Faster than Tradition Methods

Why Choose XpressInsight™?

Rapidly go from database and queries to data warehouse and business intelligence. Our Hosted Cloud Solution provides the access, security, speed, response, and performance business & technical users demand.

  • Fully Managed Cloud Platform
  • Standard SLA w/ 99.99% Uptime
  • Meeting Regulatory Compliance
  • SOC 1, SOC 2, SOX, HIPAA, FIPS 140-20
  • PCI, CJIS, ITAR & Safe Harbor

  • Lineage System
  • Error Event System
  • Standardized ETL Control Process
  • Pre-defined Reports
  • Self Service Business Intelligence

XpressInsight is the fastest way to get your new data warehouse up and running. Once your data points are identified, our FaaS solution allows us to quickly build your data warehouse and make your business intelligence data available.