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Moving your data from one database to another can seem like a simple task in the beginning, but it can get very complicated very quickly as you dig into the processes and systems. Some database replication / database migration projects are easier due to the similarity of the two databases. But, often differences in functionality, architecture, workload management or other factors can make database migration an epic task—especially when moving from an older database to a state-of-the-art system.

Database Migration by
Dobler Consulting

Our team of technology experts starts by evaluating your existing database and systems, as well as your goals. We then match you with a database, software solutions and other technologies that fit your needs, and begin the process of migrating your data. Once the transfer is complete, we put your new database through extensive testing to ensure the new environment is stable, secure and running at its maximum potential.

Why choose Dobler Consulting for your server data migration?

Our team is highly experienced in Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and SAP Sybase migrations, as well as replicating and migrating many alternative database solutions. Because of our well-developed data migration process, we typically save our clients months of wasted time, as well as help prevent costly mistakes. Our database technicians will:

Analyze your current and future database needs

Evaluate your client systems and database applications

Determine if your migration is a simple conversion, or a partial or major rewrite

Create a table of systems for replicating or improving your database functionality

Oversee the migration of data and any associated troubleshooting

Implement a thorough testing process

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