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Transform Raw Data into Informed Business Decisions

As your company grows, you collect a significant amount of data. But, you may not know where to put it or what to do with it. Plus, bridging the gap between what business departments want and what data is available can make things even more complex. Business intelligence (BI) solutions allow you to analyze your data to detect patterns and gain insight—even if your data is collected in multiple software applications.

Business Intelligence Services by Dobler Consulting

We believe BI is far more than a pretty dashboard. It is a is a set of tools that analyze data, identify trends and generate reports. These reports then help you make more informed and insightful decisions. Our business intelligence advisers and solutions make collaboration easier, giving you the perspective you need to make informed decisions.

The Dobler Consulting Business Intelligence Process

Implementing a business intelligence strategy is more complex than installing a solution and configuring the reports. Dobler Consulting can help streamline the process by:

Determining the data reporting needs of your business

Inspecting your database to see if it’s capable of generating the reports needed

Developing a roadmap for data governance and management

Creating a data warehouse or data mart (if needed)

Investigating how the database is updated from each data source

Identifying special data compliance needs by industry

Additionally, we help you develop new ways to maximize your data to meet objectives, plus make you more nimble and competitive in your industry.

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